le vostre vacanze in Toscana


The Villa stands in the heart of the Tuscany, beetween the hills that surround Viareggio in the north of Tuscany. This jewel is a mix of the best of design together with local building standard.

One week in Villa Raffaela is not a simple holiday or giong to classic top class hotel, its strong point is the welcomingi atmosphere. Every element that constitues the villa is tailor-made in order to make the minimum effort.

Every moment you spend in Villa Raffaela is a long moment of pleasure, the time seem to stop, and even after a week it seems you haven’t finished to visit the structure.

 Every simple elegant contains an infinite variety of uses and step by step everything take its shape and harmony.

You realize that your holiday is starting when you step on a hot heated floor until you prepare your first coffee or tea of the day. The moments of relax spent between songs played throughout the house thanks to a pre-arranged system or the comfort of every single sofa will allow you to enjoy every second.

A hot and relaxing shower with hydromassage is waiting for you in every floor to accompany you in every moment of relax.

Villa characteristicsComfort
    • The villa is divided into 3 floors for a total of 270 sqm
    • Villa Raffaela has a young design, in ‘900 style
    • It’s rich of modern design attributes
  • Whitpod bath
  • A television in every room
  • The music is diffused in every room
  • For music lovers there is a music hall with drums, keyboard, microphone, ecc..
  • Villa Raffaela is entirely automated
  • It has a central vacuum cleaner
  • Every bathroom has a hair dryer and hair straightener
  • Full equipped kitchen
  • Laundry with a washing machine and tumble dryer
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